Modular flexibility

AK_04 is a modern project that combines modular flexibility, technology and new materials.
The doors are made essentially from a patented extruded aluminium frame: lightweight, solid, slim, enhancing the value of the kitchen combined with 4 and 6 mm-thick front panels. Available in a range of exterior finishes.
From Fenix Ntm®, a latest generation material treated using nanotechnological techniques, making the surface extremely compact and waterproof, with a soft-touch and smudge-proof effect, to Corian® and the new wood finishes Rovere Antico and Fiammato, in addition to the existing Rovere Termocotto Tranchè. Moreover, satin-polished extra-clear and tempered glass, numerous glossy, matt and oxidised lacquered colours, a professional door with stainless steel and porcelain grès panel.
Design Arch. Franco Driusso

Living system

Arrital modules allow dynamic and consistent living space design. The possibility to create living solutions that recall the styles and finishes of the kitchen, develops a link between the different home interiors, accentuating uniformity and simplicity of style.

Island table

Arrital proposes numerous solutions to personalise the kitchen space, introducing a practical bench into the composition as opposed to a standard table. The selection of different structures in an array of colours and materials, offers design freedom with unique and high-impact results.

Stinless steel

The use of steel, a material of choice offering high resilience and easy to clean, allows surfaces to be highly personalised, creating solutions that guarantee the exclusivity of the composition, also thanks to the use of slim 4 mm elements and welded surfaces.

Corian bookcase

The bookshelf element, made entirely in Corian, separates the work and entertainment areas. A material known for its high visual impact and technical qualities, Corian offers true design freedom.


“The elegant Frosted glass used for doors, countertops and finishing sides.
AK_04 glass is also available in glossy finishes. It is produced with three coatings of paint able to avoid the shadow effect in case of reflections or internal lights. The glass is tempered and extra-light to comply with security regulations and with a purer look.

Plate table

Simplicity and linearity: these are the main characteristics of the Plate table. An entirely metal structure with a 3 cm-thick top and legs, welded to each other to eliminate all visible joints. The possibility to personalise the top with materials other than metal, such as Fenix Ntm, wood or laminate, means this accessory can sit comfortably in any environment.

Wall unit opening

The available wall units with manual or electric touch opening mechanism complete the kitchen space, increasing its storage capacity. The opening mechanisms facilitate vertical or horizontal door movement depending on the customer’s request, providing the user with simple, fast access to housing compartments.

Tall wall

The available space allows the integration of numerous operating systems. The tall units can house built-in appliances such as fridges and ovens, which can be linked with other high-performing systems such as steam ovens, blast chillers, vacuum machines, coffee machines and wine cellars. The remaining compartments can be personalised with storage systems, pull-out shelves and innovative lighting systems.

Island system

The work island combines design and practicality. The use of different depths and contrasting finishes offers the composition a unique and strong character. The work area is separated from the snack bench by a practical, discrete clear glass surface. Two linear hoods distinguished by essential and clean lines complete the composition.

Framed door

The framed door represents the heart of the AK_04 system. The door is composed of a patented extruded aluminium frame, which is both slim and solid, able to support the slim front panels with thickness between 4 mm and 6 mm. The possibility to use glass, grès, steel, fenix ntm, corian, lacquered or veneered surfaces, allows an infinite range of aesthetic solutions.

Table and “snack”

The table and snack bench, in contrast with the island, are Oak veneered with nodes and notches, available in different colours. The introduction of these elements allows a series of functions not necessarily linked to cooking, in a single dynamic environment, featuring high-level interaction.


The domino hob creates a work area dedicated to personalised cooking. In addition to standard gas or induction hobs, wok, grill barbecue, teppan yaki and frying cooking systems can also be integrated. These modules can also be combined with specific extraction systems flush with the top, allowing the elimination of unpleasant cooking vapours and odours by way of expulsion or filtering.

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