Complete system

Design and practicality have led towards a new design objective.
Various aesthetic and practical solutions, brought together in a single collection that harmoniously combines objectives and materials.
The broad range of available finishes and the selection of modular systems ensures kitchen designs are tailor-made to suit user needs. The same project can be adapted to all finishes, without needing any substantial changes.
The multiple opening solutions have each been designed to satisfy practical, ergonomic and aesthetic needs.
Ak_Project, a complete system
Design Arch. Franco Driusso

External handle

The modular handle, matching the doors, is characterised by a patented hideaway fixing system. A solution that creates unique monochromatic spaces without hindering the main kitchen functions.

Open unit

A useful solution that allows the side panels of bases and tall units to be personalised, making the lateral surface at the end of the composition usable. These elements are composed of a painted metal structure characterised by minimal thickness, enhancing its visual impact.

Pantry Corner Cabinet

Storage systems available in the Arrital platform contribute to making the environment as practical as possible, satisfying all customer needs. The Corner Food Preparation and Storage Area is the last solution offered, housing an equipped area within the kitchen system for the installation of a washing machine and dryer, enhanced by special steel accessories. A handy alternative for small spaces requiring high functionality.

Living system

The broad range of open elements and accessories allow the development of unique design solutions. For example, the combination of GEM glass units with Shangai elements allows the creation of a living wall strictly tied to the kitchen, streamlining the finishes of the entire open-space area.

30° door cut

The Ak_project system allows you to choose from numerous solutions to personalise the kitchen doors. The door edges, available with a 30° slope, combined with veneered or lacquered finishes, create essential lines with a high visual impact.

Wine cellar

The addition of the wine cellar ensures bottles are stored at the ideal temperature. Thanks to the separation of internal compartments, different types of bottles can be stored: red, white and champagne. Special led lights complete the system, in addition to the door glass with UV protection, maintaining ideal storage conditions.

“Sospesa” hood

The eye-catching hood, in addition to its primary extraction and filtering function, is also equipped with a disappearing up-down system allowing the storage of spices and handy food preparation equipment. The covering panels can be personalised in numerous finishes and colours, which blend in well with the kitchen composition.


The satin-finish steel top is an integral part of the composition, combining different components in one unique element: an incorporated flush hob, two welded sinks allowing food to be prepared separately and an equipped flush channel housing various accessories, including a practical disappearing wiring module with independent sockets to use with small appliances or technological instruments.

Straight edge door

The doors with straight edge, combined with a curved groove, ensure the firm grip and comfort of the door. The smooth, unworked surfaces offer absolute linearity to this composition.


The “Shangai” open elements guarantee maximum personalisation of spaces, without any size constraints. The structure composed of interlocking panels creates a play on contours, combining to create an exclusive look. Each single element can be equipped with perimeter lighting.

Focus on

The innovative “Focus On” lights slide along a central track, for localised lighting on the island worktop.


A table featuring a 5 mm-grès top, supported by a clear glass sheet with four rounded edges. The four sloping legs feature the same grès finish as the top.

30° door profile

The Ak_Project system features doors with different opening solutions. Among these, the 30° sloped edge combined with a flat groove: a solution with a high visual impact. The edge embellished by the addition of an aluminium profile allows a secure door grip, while simplifying daily cleaning operations.

Worktop and sink

The soft-touch smudge-proof matt surfaces are the main feature setting Fenix Ntm® apart. An innovative material obtained using nanotechnology, allowing the removal of micro-scratches, easy cleaning and the significant reduction of bacterial loads, with anti-mould properties and good resistance against acidic solvents and domestic reagents. The option to have doors in the same finish as the top, together with the integrated sink tub, allow best coordination of all accessories.

Storage solution

The coplanar tall units are equipped with several modules allowing the dynamic and orderly organisation of food and accessories. The internal tall units can house integrated fridges and ovens. The addition of glass shelves and dedicated lighting offers the entire system a touch of sophistication.

Equipped channel

The equipped channel above the top, the structure of which can be personalised in different finishes and colours, enhances the efficiency and practicality of the worktop. Glass racks, bottle racks, dish racks and cutting board racks are installed in a special internal steel compartment, equipped with a drain to remove the excess water. A T-shelf with vertical front completes the work area.

30° door profile

The Ak_Project system features doors with different opening solutions. Among these, the 30° sloped edge combined with a flat groove: a solution with a high visual impact. The edge embellished by the addition of an aluminium profile allows a secure door grip, while simplifying daily cleaning operations.

“Strato” boiserie

The Strato wood panelling allows the kitchen system to flow into the living area. The combination of finishes and modularity allows the development of equipped walls in all sizes, offering unique, linear design solutions thanks to a disappearing installation system and the use of 1 cm-deep shelves.

Elements to contain

The columns with retracting doors, allow for entirely free movement. Different internal solutions satisfy all daily needs in the kitchen. The simple and fast door closing system allows the composition to reclaim its unique and essential linear contours, offering total elegance.

Drawers and pull-outs

The internal core of the base units is composed of drawers and deep drawers, allowing the practical and dynamic organisation of space. Available in three coloured finishes and distinguished by linear and essential contours, the equipment perfectly matches the colours of the doors and the kitchen’s internal housing spaces.


The modular “Day-Box” elements extend the containing capacity of the living space and are also a decorative element. A selection of equipment including shelves, wine glass racks or glass containers, make the kitchen space even more practical.

“Step” handle profile door

The “Step” handle profile doors, gives a lighter and cleaner feel to the composition. The addition of the knurled aluminium profile makes it easier to open the door and clean the edges.

St. steel support leg

A tubular steel structure distinguished by essential and elegant lines, able to support snack benches in any material, with adjustable heights and widths.

Dishwasher with niche

The modularity of Arrital allows for truly personalised kitchens; the use of 75 cm-wide doors allows the dishwasher area to be equipped with a steel-finish open housing space, perfect for storing dish washing and furniture cleaning products in general.

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