AKB_08 by Arrital: Sweet poached egg, yogurt, and mango

With the new recipe conceived for AKB_08 by Arrital, chef Andrea Berton amazes us with creativity and elegance. Here’s “Sweet poached egg, yogurt, and mango”

For the yogurt sauce: 50 g of cream, 200 g of Greek yogurt, 25 g of sugar
For the mango: 2 mangos, the zest of 1 untreated lime
For the poached egg: water, 10 g of white vinegar, 4 eggs
Prepare the yogurt sauce by slightly whipping the cream and mixing it with the other ingredients in a bowl.
For the mango, clean and cut the fruits into very small cubes, grating the lime peel over them
For the poached egg, heat some water in a large saucepan and add the vinegar. When it starts to simmer, create a
vortex in the water with a whisk and let the egg, previously broken, slip into it. Cook until the egg white around the yolk is
congealed: it will take about 3 minutes. With a skimmer, drain the poached egg and keep it warm in a container filled with
warm water.
For the plating, put a little yoghurt sauce on the bottom of a plate, place a steel ring in the centre to help you keep the
mango cubes well compacted, and complete by laying the poached egg on top of it.

An unusual proposal ready to amaze and to make people talk about it around a table, thus is the symbol of the typical conviviality of AKB_08 by Arrital.