The winners of ARCHI_Cottura International Award – Atelier for domestic space, between food, architecture and design – have been revealed. The award has been announced by Fondazione Architetti nel Mediterraneo “Francesco La Grassa” and Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. of Province of Trapani, in collaboration with Istituto Nazionale Sostenibile Architettura “INSA”, the Municipality of Castellammare del Golfo and Arrital brand which, with this initiative, successfully continues its “K (itchen) Culture” philosophy.

The products that win the podium have been selected because they can offer an up-to-date vision of trends in the domestic social space “between food, architecture and design”, with particular attention to sustainability, accessibility and construction costs savings as well as energy consumption:

  • First Prize, to the “MAGNETIC JAR” project, € 1,500.00, by Federica Ferraro, Marianna Lanza and Erica Salvia;
  • Second Prize, to the “UNDER THE CRUST” project, € 750.00, by Anna Ochalek, Marco Biondi, Silvia Ancilotti and Erica Ziac;
  • Third Prize, to the “DOUBLE FACE” project, € 500.00, by Francesco Paolo Di Benedetto (Group leader) and Jacopo Burgio.

Worth mentioning are also the projects “TÒTHEM”, by Maria Castelluccio, Michela D’Alessandro and Salvatore Terzo, and “CUCINA A ISOLA”, by Daniela Faruolo, Emanuela Napolitano and Pasquale Scotti. Almost all the works received represented particularly interesting and original technical solutions and innovations, with great attention to accessibility and disability, using sustainable materials with a recognized supply chain of the product life.

The members of the Jury, chaired by Lilia Cannarella, Vice President of Consiglio Nazionale Architetti, were: Anna Fidelio, ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale – Sicily Delegation; Franco Driusso, Art Director of Arrital kitchens; Enrico Baleri, Designer; Walter Klasz,

Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria); Gianluca Peluffo, Kore University of Enna; Pino Scaglione, University of Trento, with support of the Technical Commission chaired by architect Francesco Tranchida and architect secretary Salvatore Cusumano, of Fondazione Architetti nel Mediterraneo “Francesco La Grassa” in Trapani.

ARCHI_Cottura is confirmed as one of Arrital initiatives aimed at strengthening relationships and dialogue with the world of architects and designers at national and international level.

As a matter of fact, in addition to sponsoring the initiative, Arrital will consider the possibility to organize an exhibition of the works presented at Milan showcase during next events of Eurocucina and / or Salone del Mobile. This could be an opportunity of meeting and sharing with the entire community of architects and designers.


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