Arrital invites you to stop, slow down and put the brakes on the constant run-up to hit the speed demanded by today’s pressing demands of life, work and technology.
In your home’s most intimate and truest place – the kitchen – Arrital becomes a cultural brand and an icon of a slow vision in its choices and attitudes. A desire that returns to being a need: the need to stop to find yourself again, accepted in a space of well-being to regenerate and start over.

After more than forty years and with a solid reputation behind it, the well-known Friulian kitchen company is relaunched with strength and authority. The message to Switch off, Start Feeling, is the result of a period of growth that has allowed Arrital to evolve together with its customers and its values: the synthesis of a true philosophy for life.
A philosophy that will also translate into an experience through a narrative of sensory and unconventional branding interpreted in every touchpoint.


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