Arrital presents its new Milan Showcase
“Cultivate Connections, Cultivate Flavours”

A sensory encounter at Fuorisalone 2024, set against the striking backdrop of the renovated Piazza San Babila.

Arrital will launch its new Showcase during its debut appearance in the Milan Design District at Design Week 2024. It is a must-see sensory experience that promotes a philosophy of “Cultivate Connections, Cultivate Flavours”. Strategically located at Corso Europa 22, this innovative space lies at the beating heart of Milanese design, in the evocative setting of Piazza San Babila.

The new Showcase is positioned in a site imbued with a historical significance associated with fashion and the tradition of Italian design. This choice reflects Arrital’s commitment to promoting the excellence of products made in Italy. The building was designed in the 1950s by Vico Magistretti, a famous minimalist and functionalist architect, whereas the space was conceived by AMDL CIRCLE, which respected the site’s past while at the same time merging the original aesthetics with contemporary innovation.

The concept of this Showcase focuses on dynamic identity and sensory experience, creating a transformable stage that cultivates connections and flavours. This space is not just a showroom: it is also a multifunctional ecosystem designed to foster socialisation, collaboration and the sharing of ideas. A cosy and enveloping atmosphere is engendered by the ever-changing hanging vegetable garden, the vibrant “Rosso Vico” of the interior staircase, and the tactile qualities of the calceterra, aluminium and wood, all of which encourage discovery and experimentation.

“A transformable stage that cultivates connections & flavours”

Arrital: the result of the new Showcase in Milan

The new Arrital location is a “transformable stage that cultivates connections and flavours”: the kitchen becomes the centrepiece of the project, generating a changeable and welcoming space that promotes togetherness and conviviality. A welcome area, a showcooking area, an exhibition space, offices, conference rooms and even an event podium are all housed in the Showcase, which is flexible enough to accommodate the requirements of all those who will take centre stage. The vertical connection is highlighted by the staircase in “Rosso Vico”, a colour much loved by Vico Magistretti. The presence of a constantly changing hanging vegetable garden, that combines nature, culture, music and art with authentic materials such as calceterra, aluminium and wood, adorns the entire area, highlighting the significance of the diversified taste experience.

The architectural concept of AMDL CIRCLE results in a multifunctional environment designed to host events, cultivate relationships and stimulate the imagination. The adaptability and transparency of the three levels reflect Arrital’s creative and progressive approach, while the room’s unexpected features — like the hanging cultivation of actual plants, including aromatic ones, and the “Rosso Vico” staircase — make it unique and identity-driven.

The focus on respect and renewal is also reflected in the treatment of the building’s interior and exterior spaces. The inner courtyard’s environmentally friendly arrangement, the creation of a void connecting the three levels, and the hanging urban vegetable garden all transform the Showcase into an urban sanctuary that encourages exploration and contemplation.

In a nutshell, the Arrital Showcase is not a showroom but a complete experience.

According to Christian Dal Bo, General Manager of Arrital, “today’s market trends essentially look at two paradigms: the user, who is at the centre of design, experiential and wellness choices, and the hybridisation of spaces. Technology, connections and design must offer additional functional and ergonomic living and working qualities in the multitasking setting that is the modern house. And we have sought to create all these connections within our new Milanese space. The hanging vegetable garden is intended to serve as both a tangible symbol of our commitment to a sustainable future along with a visual depiction of it. Our aim is to make every visit a complete experience, stimulating not only sight and taste, but also environmental awareness. The company’s vision is to push the boundaries of conventional design, anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Arrital’s new Milan Showcase is not just a place for display: it is a comprehensive experience that celebrates the art of design, human connection and the appreciation of authentic flavours. Thanks to the innovative vision of AMDL CIRCLE in creating the ambience, and of architect Franco Driusso in the design of the kitchens and the composition of the furniture, this space becomes a landmark in the world of contemporary design, enticing everyone to explore and be inspired”.


Opening Date: The new Arrital Showcase will open its doors on 16 April 2024 during Milan Design Week.


Arrital Showcase Milan
Corso Europa 22
20100, Milan


Showcase opening time:
16-17-19-20 April 2024 | h. 10.00 am – 10.00 pm
18 April 2024 | h. 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
21 April 2024 | h. 10.00 am – 7.00 pm