Arrital at Casa Decor 2024 presents ‘Il Gattopardo’:

A story of continuity and innovation in the kitchen and living room worlds as a habitat, through a modern, hybrid and refined design.


Arrital, a leading company in the sector of high-quality designer kitchens, is proud to announce its participation in the 59th edition of Casa Decor at the Palacio de la Trinidad, in Madrid, from 11 April to 26 May, 2024. On this occasion, the company, in collaboration with Raúl Martins, presents the “Il Gattopardo”, inspired by the sumptuous atmosphere of the famous novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa set in nineteenth-century Sicily.


Casa Decor is Spain’s largest exhibition event dedicated to the latest trends in décor. An exhibition that mixes architecture, interior design, art and culture, with a success that over the years has also managed to cross the Spanish national borders.


An original format that for the 2024 edition will bring the event to Palacio de la Trinidad, an elegant building erected in 1928, in the heart of the Spanish capital, in the exclusive Calle de Francisco Silvela 82.


The “Il Gattopardo” project represents an elegant fusion of history and innovation, combining the imagery present in the classic novel with the new necessities of life in the kitchen that reflect the changes in people’s habits, lifestyles and expectations. Through the memory of the preparation of food and the banquets present in the novel, the project seeks to bring the kitchen to life in today’s lifestyle as a place of intense daily activity. This new interpretation presented by Arrital at Casa Decor, not only recalls the importance of the role of the kitchen as described in the novel’s imagery, but reinvents it for the contemporary world, elevating it as a focal point of home life and of design.


The ‘Il Gattopardo’ project delineates the new role of the kitchen, not only as an environment for cooking, but also as a place to socialise, work, study and entertain. This innovative vision translates into hybrid and multifunctional spaces.



Ak_Project and Feeling Home 2024: ‘Life is what you make of it’


At Casa Decor Arrital presents a new and innovative combined system between Ak_Project and Feeling Home 2024, the result of the collaboration with Raúl Martins, a renowned Madrid interior designer, master of colour, included in the prestigious AD100 list for 2024. His stylistic code, which delicately combines the classic with the contemporary, sees him transported, as had already happened to him in many projects, on a journey into the past, in search of geometries, purity and rigour.

Characteristics similar to what emanates from the Arrital kitchen, with its clean lines and advanced materials; a system, the one on display at the Palacio de la Trinidad, which shines with essentiality, where natural tones convey calm and harmony. The vibrant touch of the orange colour recalls the scents and flavours of Sicily, adding a note of vitality to the environment.


The choice of materials becomes essential for the project. The elegance of the striped oak wood blends with the modernity of the lacquer. The veined marble slabs, the protagonists of a timeless worktop, are true works of art that reprise the shades of the surrounding environment. The stone floor, with its intricate designs, evokes the style of historic Italian palaces, transforming the kitchen into a complete sensory experience.


The entrances to the room of the Palacio de la Trinidad where the Arrital space is housed are accessed through majestic stone portals, which tangibly transport visitors into the dimension of the project, immersing them in an atmosphere reminiscent of “Il Gattopardo”.


In this evocative setting, the combination of precious and at the same time technical materials, and the refined architectural details, create a unique and enveloping environment, where past and contemporary come together in a harmonious dance of style and refinement. But that’s not all, the new Ak_Project kitchen will be recreated in a hybrid kitchen+living space, an organic, personalised and flexible project, designed to transform space into quality, well-being and pleasure through complements from the new Feeling Home collection by Arrital.


With its sartorial approach and a wide design vocabulary, Arrital confirms itself as an interpreter of design culture, introducing a vision that is always modern and recognisable through its products and languages.