The digital world seems to be dominated by Millennials and Generation Z, the two generations traditionally associated with the concept of digital native. Given that everything appears to be moving in this direction, it seems that there is a cultural ecosystem that goes beyond generational distinctions and converges towards a value and taste system: the so-called Perennials. An active, busy, phygital category that is “always on the move”.
The term perennial, in fact, does not refer to a generation born in a particular period of time, but to a state of mind, i.e. individuals who are able to adapt to innovation and changes, regardless of their age.
The term that always heralds their arrival is “disruption”, i.e. total change.
Perennials love a quality lifestyle and love to live it with like-minded people. They are inquisitive, creative and enthusiastic, they get involved, they mentor, they are self-confident and collaborative, they have a global mindset, they take risks because they keep pushing the boundaries and they know how to take risks. They are versatile, always in step with the times and view the home not merely as a place in which to relax, but a safe haven where they can express themselves and showcase their personalities through a blend of styles, culture, innovation and lifestyle.
New technologies and greater attention towards sustainability, the environment, health and hybrid spaces that focus on people’s needs, comfort, well-being and health. The Perennials are shifting the focus of design towards a new philosophy of living based on essential features and functional aesthetics, designed according to the criteria of sustainability, energy saving, attention to the environment and business ethics.
A scenario that inevitably involves a change by the brands in communication and sales strategies and that Arrital, has embraced with determination given its long-standing focus on cultural changes in the market: “The goal for the next five yaers”, says the General Manager, Christian Dal Bo, “is to strengthen brand awareness by aligning the offer, supporting the sales network and pitching ourselves to end users and designers who share a sense of style and areas of taste that go beyond standard conventions, fashions and demographic factors. A world that we define as a “look as such due to their transdisciplinary “cultural ecosystem” made up of users who are not defined by age: the target of Perennials, defined as such due to their transdisciplinary cultural approach and lifestyle”.