Cleaning a stainless steel kitchen

A stainless steel kitchen, or with parts in this material, is an extremely efficient and hygienic choice, but it requires a little extra care to prevent stains and lime scale rings from forming.

To keep your stainless steel sink, stove, worktops or cupboard doors looking their best, Arrital recommends:

– Always rinsing thoroughly with water and drying with a microfiber cloth or a chamois leather.

– Using any normal detergent provided that it does not contain chlorine or chlorine compounds, such as bleach or hydrochloric acid.

– Using a small quantity of warm white vinegar, but only for persistent stains.

– Avoiding the use of steel wool pads or other abrasive material that would inevitably scratch the steel surface.

– Not dragging objects across the work top, but using chopping boards or pot holders instead for normal kitchen tasks.

– Not putting hot pans, ovens or mini-ovens on the surface which could cause warping or heat stains.

– Not leaving rusty objects on the surface for any length of time.

– Not leaving open packets and bottles of detergent or other chemical substances near the stainless steel surfaces.