The research project launched by Arrital in 2018 continues to investigate which languages and shapes will form the concept of the kitchen of the future. A research whose main subject is the millennials generation, a project aimed at evolving and confirming the strategic positioning of the company on the medium-high segment with a contemporary taste, always attentive to style and quality.

The dialogue began with a survey created in collaboration with the Verona headquarters of the IUSVE University, a very innovative university on the subject of digital communication, and continues through an important collaboration project launched with the Polytechnic University of Milan, one of the first universities in Italy and in Europe on the subject of design. From communication language to product design. What will the kitchen of the future be like?

Arrital’s operational marketing objectives toward digital users in the next three years will thus be an immediate communication action based on brand awareness: becoming a lovemark of the kitchen sector and creating dialogue and involvement in communication. But above all, studying products, solutions, and dedicated and customized services for this new target audience.