People. Places. Plans.
Everyone wants a place to live that makes them feel at home. A place that reflects their needs and style, somewhere that makes room for their dreams as well as everyday life.
Arrital recently launched an advertising campaign called ‘Life is what you make of it’, airing on popular news and social media platforms. It focuses on beauty, style, and personality as its central themes. The campaign showcases various settings that capture the charm of landscapes, transporting viewers into atmospheres where architecture and design come together to create spaces solely for those who inhabit them.

The campaign mainly focuses on the new 2024 Ak_Project and Feeling Home proposals. These proposals represent a fluid kitchen and living environment, with a dual task of being protective and welcoming nests open to social interactions.
Arrital has taken on new design challenges by exploring different places in terms of setting, style, and size. They have experimented with the extreme modularity of Ak_Project and the innate capacity of Feeling Home to interpret open spaces of the day, placing the user and their life at the centre of the design. The context of the design becomes hybrid, where technology and function are integrated into balance with design and material.
The result is a campaign that best represents the Arrital style, showcasing their best designs to make the most evolved thoughts into a concrete reality.