We’re building the future on deep roots


Arrital represents what we have always designed, produced and sold: the world of the kitchen. The kitchen as a habitat, a space of relations between people and a vital place.

For more than 40 years, we have been accompanying the generations into the most beloved place of the house: the kitchen, the space of moments and emotions.

Over the years, we have evolved with new ideas of design and style, always facing any change with great enthusiasm and significant investments in technology, human resources and product industrialisation.

In 2011 we have embarked on a process of repositioning within the market by adopting a brand policy focused on quality, design and on the strong personality that has allowed us to take our space within the middle-high segment.

We believe in a sustainable future. We act to make that possible.

The passion for quality and innovation that has always distinguished Arrital, also involves the Company’s relationship with the environment. We are committed to protecting it through sustainable choices, such as equipping the facility of Fontanafredda with a photovoltaic system that makes it practically self-sufficient.
The strength of a group between synergy and innovation
Arrital is part of We.Do Holding Spa, an organisation that manages share capital made up of a group of six companies specializing in the home, office and community world.
The Holding supports and promotes all the development and growth projects of the companies on the Italian and international market in a strategic and managerial way.



1979 Nasce Arrital
1989 Si affaccia sul mercato internazionale
1996 Entra a far parte del Gruppo Doimo
2002 Evolve la produzione nelle linee classica/moderno
2004 Inizio collaborazione con lo studio di architettura DRIUSSO-ASSOCIATI
2011 Evolve il suo ruolo sul mercato e la comunicazione
2012 Acquisisce il brand di arredo bagno Altamarea
2015 Opening of the Milan showcase
2018 Mention of honor in the XXV Compasso d’Oro ADI Award for AkB_08


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