Taking care of kitchen hinges

In addition to being kept clean, a modern kitchen also calls for one or two maintenance tasks, such as adjusting the hinges, to keep it at its best.

The cabinet door hinges are, of course, subjected to continual movement, so after a certain period of time, depending on the weight of the door and how often it is used, they need to be adjusted to make sure the door opens properly and is aligned with the other doors. The solution to the problem is easy and can be done by anyone.

To realign the doors, all you have to do is use a screwdriver to adjust the relevant screws.

Arrital hinges can be adjusted in three directions by tightening or loosening the screws located on the side plate fixed on the frame of the cabinet. One for vertical; one for side to side; one for front to back. By turning the screws in one direction or another, a little at a time, you can line the doors up again perfectly.