Talk Arrital: The most innovative way of looking to the future is to build it together

The different experiences I have had in my professional career have opened me to new perspectives and have made me understand that with the right and motivated team you can achieve seemingly impossible goals.

This is why for 8 years we have been writing the new Arrital, together with a true team of internal and external professionals of great value that I respect and with whom I plan strategies and share choices. I think that in the field of furniture and kitchens in particular, the future must be truly built and invented with great creativity and openness to contamination and innovation.

I believe that retailers have a fundamental role for the brand and for the results of Arrital. This is why personal relationships and service are the base of our strategy. From a global and personalized perspective, we favour a very close relationship with our partners; in a strategy of expansion in the new markets we aim to enhance the local context; in sales policies always based on transparency and on keeping our brand identity.

I love my job; I am open to ideas and contamination.

Christian Dal Bo – Sales Manager Arrital