During the Salone del Mobile 2022, Arrital is debuting “The Dream Factory”: a new strategic language, a brand movie, the meeting of the brand with the seventh art of cinema.
Arrital has chosen cinema as the brand’s metalanguage. An eco-system of affinities, a “lookalike system” that overlaps with the value system, style and trend areas represented by the brand.

“The positioning that Arrital has achieved after many years of endeavour, thanks to the trust placed in us by top retailers, has enabled us to understand who we appeal to, who we want to engage with and where we can devote attention, investment and communication. The goal over the next five years is to build a new concept of communication and align the perceived value of the brand with leadership in the medium-high segment,” says Christian Dal Bo, Arrital’s General Manager.
The values that cinema represents overlap perfectly with the Arrital lookalike system. Like cinema, Arrital settings succeed in representing and make the desires of both protagonists and spectators take shape, creating stories that transport them to another world that is both ideal and also real.
The Arrital kitchen is a set, script, protagonist and spectator of passions, dreams, projects, love and stories all rolled into one. The kitchen narrates, rethinks and revamps dreams, desires, drives and human emotions in new forms. Arrital kitchens are one big workshop of images, an extension of the space and time in which all the senses are stimulated and reassembled, blended and recomposed.
The intention is to structure a multiple editorial programming and cross-channel campaign around the language of film, that succeeds in connecting the sense of the operation with the values, the history of the brand and its vision.
The goal over the coming years is, therefore, to intercept a strategic cultural area such as the cinema and implement a new emotional/narrative language in line with all the B2B/B2C tools and touchpoints.
A change in concept: from manufacturers of kitchens to Dream Factory.